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From the President

Over a century ago, our ancestors freely immigrated to this bountiful and graceful land of the United States of America to start new chapters in their lives, all in the pursuit of landing promising and rewarding opportunities and ventures for their families. To help ease the burden of solitude and separation from their friends and relatives left behind, they huddled together in close-knit social circles, embracing and sharing the rich culture they brought along with all its endearing and noble norms. These norms would be our spirituality and reverence to God, our hospitability and love for one another, and our unwavering drive to succeed and shine, all the while helping our local communities and enjoying eating Kibbeh and dancing Dabke.  Those close-knit social circles quickly evolved and were formalized as local social clubs, organizing regular activities and social gatherings throughout the year. 


A decade later, those clubs decided to extend their outreach to other friends and relatives scattered about in other states. They expanded their unity and formed the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs with all its thriving chapters and venues as we know them today.


We are all privileged to be at the helm of this incredible organization today! Our ancestors have entrusted us with this inheritance to uphold, to preserve, and to propel forward for our current and future generations. The decisions we make today and the actions we take shall be wise and fair and shall honor and promote this legacy, as they too will become the heritage we leave behind for our future generations.


It is my solemn pledge to “follow the constitution and bylaws of the Federation, and I will do all in my power to further the goals and objectives of the Federation in a dignified and professional manner.”

Johnny Mekari
An organization of heritage since 1931
Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs, Inc.
Southern Federation Foundation, Inc.

309 East Morehead Street, Apartment 925
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

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